Mental Health Equity Reporting Fellowship: Fall 2021

The 4am Fund is introducing a Mental Health Equity Reporting Fellowship for freelance writers and audio journalists.

The fellowship will underwrite in-depth reporting projects related to non-police mental health emergency response programs, novel and accessible on-ramps into mental health careers, and other developments concerning equity in providing and receiving mental health care in the U.S.

Background reading on practice and policy in mental health emergency response initiatives is available at

For more information about the fellowship, please contact

About The 4am Fund

In 2021, The 4am Fund supported reporting by Lisa Hagen at WABE on mental health crisis response in Atlanta, research toward a book to be published by Random House on suicide, The National Association of Black Journalists, YR Media, 1 Million Madly Motivated Moms (1M4), Raheem, Philly Truce, and the launch of MindSite News.

In 2022, The 4am Fund will support treatment for lower-income patients with depression, will explore approaches to improving quality of care and overcoming staffing shortages at crisis lines with the launch of 988, and will continue to underwrite reporting on equitably expanding the mental health workforce through MindSite News. The fund also supports the work YEAH Philly and The Bloc Chicago are doing to create safe and vibrant spaces for teenagers in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Created by Dan Fichter, The 4am Fund supports the advancement of a more inclusive field of mental health professions that can serve everyone.